Pharm Sci. 2013;18(4):193-198.
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Preparation and Characterization of Trimethyl Chitosan Nanospheres Encapsulated with Tetanus Toxoid for Nasal Immunization Studies


Mucosal immunization requires potent delivery systems and/or adjuvants to result in protective immunity. Polymeric nanospheres could be used as a delivery system and adjuvant for antigens. These nanospheres could improve the interaction of antigens and antigen presenting cells (APCs) and increase their immune stimulation potentials. Here we report on the preparation of trimethylated chitosan (TMC) nanospheres loaded with tetanus toxoid (TT). At the present study TMC was synthesized and its nanospheres encapsulated with TT were prepared and characterized for nasal immunization. Methods: At the present study TMC was synthesized by a two-step method. TMC nanospheres encapsulated with TT were prepared by ionic gelation method. Nanospheres were studied by Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and SEM for size and morphology.andThe zeta potential were determined by Zetasizer.. Loading of TT was studied by BCA protein assay, release profile was studied for 4 h in 37 oC. Stability of loaded TT was evaluated by SDS-PAGE method. Results: Percent of quaternization for TMC was found to be 50.4  10.4%. Mean diameter of blank and loaded nanospheres was 243.2  35.1 nm and 295  48.5 nm, respectively. Encapsulation efficiency of TT in nanospheres was 60.3  12.7%. Percent of released TT after 0.5 h was 37.02  27.63% and after 4 h reached to 86.19  13.5%. Stability of encapsulated TT was confirmed by SDS-PAGE. Conclusion: The synthesized TMC polymer and its nanospheres loaded with TT showed desired characteristics as a mucosal antigen delivery system
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Submitted: 28 May 2012
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